Paul Smith’s credit crunch bag!

We know we likely shouldn’t jab fun at the credit crunch, however it appears us form partners are in a delightfully insepaul-smithnsible little place called dissent. I unquestionably am at any rate. What’s this? We have to spend out of this budgetary emergency? Well OK then, on the off chance that you demand.

Luckily, Paul Smith has chosen to bail all of us out verging on excessively. Examine this ‘Credit Crunch Bag’ which makes light of the current circumstance with its striking sort decorated over the canvas. ‘Keep your cash in here’ it says. Hmmm perhaps not Paul, however I like your style.

Valued at simply a tenner, this basic tote truly is credit-crunch cordial. You can bear it with you all over like a decent minimal moral customer, maybe setting your impressive, new, and marginally pricier buys inside

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