Her Outfit Costs What?! Rihanna’s $23,891 Sweats Street Style


Who could shake Kelly green warmup pants with Tom Ford stilettos and make us dribble with jealousy? Rihanna, that is who!

The 26-year-old looks very astonishing nowadays, and her apparently standard urban-chic outfit is additional confirmation of that. We know what you must be considering; warmup jeans and a sweatshirt— what amount could that cost? All things considered, get prepared for jaws to drop!

Rihanna’s light black Celine yield top (which happens to show off her madly toned abs) is a cool $3,250, her Kelly green Isabel Marant warmup jeans cost $371 and her Tom Ford stilettos retail for $1,190.

Presently onto extras Rihanna is the first celeb to game this crazy Givenchy triangle sack, which retails for $1,890. In the bling office, she’s adoring Jacquie Aiche adornments alongside individual celebs Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner Her two anklets downright $4,940 and her rings cost $6,000, yet the most extravagant bit of this whole outfit is Rihanna’s Jacquie Aiche bone sleeve wristband, which rings in at a robust $6,250. What’s more the aggregate is (drum roll please)… .$23,891!

Separating it piece-by piece:

Celine top – $3,250

Isabel Marant jeans – $371

Tom Ford stilettos – $1,190

Givenchy pack – $1,890

Jacquie Aiche anklets – $4,940

Jacquie Aiche rings – $6,000

Jacquie Aiche wristband – $6

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