Katy Perry Wears Shower Slides to the Daily Front Row’s L.A. Fashion Awards


Tennis shoes are out and shower shoes are in? That is the message Katy Perry sent finally night’s inaugural Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in Los Angeles. The popstar wore Adidas’ fantastic Duramo slides, however hers came in bubblegum pink and white to match her everything pink outfit (which was finished off with a pink hide, and pink lipstick!). She Tweeted, “Wore my slides to a FASHUN party today on the grounds that @itsjeremyscott.” The architect, who’s teamed up with Adidas since 2008, sat front column at the honors (which were co-facilitated by our own particular Editor in Chief, Joe Zee) with Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and Perry, who was there to help Scott, respected for Womenswear Designer of the Year.

Giving Scott his recompense, Cyrus focused on the essentialness of being pleasant a quality the architect has in plenitude, she said, which is an uncommon find in the manner business. “It’s f -ng about being pleasant to individuals, and its about adoring one another. What’s more in the event that we can look f -ing cool when we do it that is tough ass gangsta. Yet you recognize what, now and then you look like sh-t, and you can at present be pleasant.”

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